Water aerobic Massage

What does massage provide?

Massage has a positive effect on the physiological and psychological functions of the body. Massage can heal, arouse and soothe. It is a system and art of touches. Every touch gives great feelings to body, mind and soul. It has a comprehensive effect on the human body:

  • Stimulates blood circulation and strengthens metabolism.
  • Relaxes sore or tense muscles.
  • Improves body flexibility.
  • Relaxes the body.
  • Maintains energy balance in the body.
  • Improves well-being.
  • Reduces psychological stress.
  • Improves body tone.
  • Promotes skin respiration, enhances the activity of sebaceous and sweat glands
  • Promotes good sleep.

The facts show:

Did you know that most people caress themselves unconsciously? Those are men who are most passionate about stroking themselves - the most common parts of the body are the abdomen, chin, occiput and neck. For women, they are the shoulders, neck, chest and legs.

We caress ourselves without realizing it, but intuitively feeling that it improves our well-being and calms us. This is because pleasant touches awaken hormones - endorphins, which are directly responsible for happiness. Do not rush with a piece of chocolate or cake, it is better to treat yourself to a massage that makes you not only happy, but also healthy.


Our hotel offers a classic full body massage. Massage must be booked in advance.

If you want to give a great feeling and relaxation to yourself or your loved ones, call and inquire about free massage times and pricing with our masseuse Jolanta Arāja, phone: +371 29417113

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